Volatility of Egg Prices

Market prices of wholesale shell eggs are volatile, and decreases in these prices can adversely impact our revenues and profits.

Our operating results are significantly affected by wholesale shell egg market prices, which fluctuate widely and are outside our control. As a result, our prior performance should not be presumed to be an accurate indication of future performance. Under certain circumstances, small increases in production, or small decreases in demand, within the industry might have a large adverse effect on shell egg prices. Low shell egg prices adversely affect our revenues and profits.

Market prices for wholesale shell eggs have been volatile and cyclical. Shell egg prices have risen in the past during periods of high demand such as the COVID-19 pandemic and periods when high protein diets are popular. Shell egg prices have also risen in the past during periods of constrained supply, such as the avian influenza outbreak in 2015, which we believe, based on published industry estimates, impacted approximately 12% of the national flock of laying hens. During times when prices are high, the egg industry has typically geared up to produce more eggs primarily by increasing the number of layers, ultimately resulting in an oversupply of eggs, which was subsequently followed by a period of lower prices.