About Cal-Maine Foods

We are the largest producer and distributor of shell eggs in the United States. In fiscal 2020, we sold approximately 1,069 million dozen shell eggs, which we believe represented approximately 19% of domestic shell egg consumption. Our total flock of approximately 40 million layers and 11 million pullets and breeders is the largest in the U.S.  Our mission is to be the most sustainable producer and reliable supplier of consistent, high quality fresh shell eggs and egg products in the country, demonstrating a "Culture of Sustainability" in everything we do, and creating value for our shareholders, customers, team members and communities.

We understand that a healthy environment and responsible management of our flocks and natural resources are vital to the production of high-quality eggs and egg products and therefore to the long-term success of our Company. We have engaged in agricultural production for more than 60 years. Our agricultural practices continue to evolve with increased focus on sustainability factors, aiming to meet the need for healthy, affordable foods for a growing population while sustaining natural resources to enable us to continue to meet this need for the future.

The Company has one operating segment, which is the production, grading, packing, marketing and distribution of shell eggs. Many of our customers rely on us to provide most of their shell egg needs, including specialty and conventional eggs. Specialty eggs encompass a broad range of products. We classify nutritionally enhanced, cage-free, organic and brown eggs as specialty products for accounting and reporting purposes. We classify all other shell eggs as conventional products. While we report separate sales information for these egg types, there are many cost factors that are not specifically available for conventional or specialty eggs due to the nature of egg production. We manage our operations and allocate resources to these types of eggs on a consolidated basis based on the demands of our customers.

We sell most of our shell eggs in the southwestern, southeastern, mid-western and mid-Atlantic regions of the U.S. through our extensive distribution network to a diverse group of customers, including national and regional grocery store chains, club stores, companies servicing independent supermarkets in the U.S., food service distributors and egg product consumers. Some of our sales are completed through co-pack agreements - a common practice in the industry whereby production and processing of certain products is outsourced to another producer. Although we face intense competition from numerous other companies, we believe that we have the largest market share for the sale of shell eggs in the grocery segment including large U.S. food retailers.

We are one of the largest producers and marketers of value-added specialty shell eggs in the U.S., which continues to be a significant and growing segment of the market. Specialty eggs are intended to meet the demands of consumers who are sensitive to environmental, health and/or animal welfare issues. A significant number of our food service customers, large restaurant chains, and major retailers, including our largest customers, have announced goals to offer cage-free eggs exclusively by specified future dates. Additionally, several states have passed legislation requiring cage-free eggs by specified future dates and other states are considering such requirements. We are working with our customers to ensure a smooth transition in meeting their goals. We have invested significant capital in recent years to acquire and construct cage-free facilities and facilities that can easily be converted to cage-free. Our focus for future expansion will be on such facilities, based on a timeline to meet our customers' demand and evolving legal requirements.

Egg-Land's Best® and Land O' Lakes® branded eggs are produced and processed under license from Eggland's Best, Inc ("EB") at our facilities under EB guidelines. Land O' Lakes® branded eggs are produced by hens that are fed a whole grain vegetarian diet. Farmhouse Eggs® brand eggs are produced at our facilities by cage-free hens that are provided with a vegetarian diet. We market organic, vegetarian, and omega-3 eggs under our 4-Grain® brand, which consists of both caged and cage-free eggs. We also produce, market, and distribute private label specialty shell eggs to several customers.

We are a leader in industry consolidation. Since 1989, we have completed 22 acquisitions ranging in size from 160 thousand layers to 7.5 million layers. Although the market is sometimes characterized as consolidated, the shell egg production industry remains highly fragmented. According to Egg Industry magazine in its 2020 survey, 66 producers, owning at least 500 thousand layers, owned approximately 99% of total industry layers. The ten largest producers owned approximately 54% of total industry layers compared to 50% in 2015. We believe industry consolidation will continue, and we plan to capitalize on opportunities as they arise.