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Board & Management

Fred Adams
Chairman Emeritus

Fred R. Adams, Jr. served as Chairman of the Board of Directors from 1982 to July 2012. Mr. Adams served as our Chief Executive Officer from the formation of the Company in 1969 until October, 2010, when his son-in-law, Adolphus B. Baker became Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Adams has served as the chairman of National Egg Company, United Egg Producers, Mississippi Poultry Association, U. S. Egg Marketers, Inc., and Egg Clearinghouse, Inc

Adolphus B. Baker
President, Chief Executive and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Adolphus B. Baker was elected our Chairman of the Board of Directors in July 2012. He has served as President and Chief Executive Officer since October 2010. Mr. Baker served as President and Chief Operating Officer from January 1997 to October 2010. He was serving as our Vice President and Director of Marketing when elected President. Previously, he had served as Assistant to the President since 1987 and has been employed by us since 1986. He has been a director since 1991. Mr. Baker is the past Chairman of the American Egg Board, past Chairman of Mississippi Poultry Association, and a past chairman of Egg Clearinghouse, Inc. Mr. Baker is currently a member of the Executive Committee of the United Egg Producers and is a director of Trustmark National Bank of Jackson, Mississippi. Mr. Baker is Mr. Adams’ son-in-law.

Sherman Miller
Vice President, Chief Operations Officer and Director

Sherman Miller was named Chief Operations Officer in May 2011 and elected to the Board of Directors in July 2012. Miller joined Cal-Maine Foods in 1996. He served as vice president of operations while working in the Company's Chase, Kansas, office where he was previously the general manager. He has served in management positions at the Company's processing plant locations in Delta, Utah, and Edwards, Mississippi. He completed a summer internship with Cal-Maine Foods at the Edwards, Mississippi location prior to his graduation from Mississippi State University in 1997 with a bachelor's degree in poultry science. He is a member of the board of the U.S. Poultry and Egg Association.

Timothy A. Dawson
Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, Secretary and Director

Timothy A. Dawson was elected as Vice President andChief Financial Officer on August 1, 2005. Previously, he served as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Mississippi Chemical Corporation, where he was employed in various financial positions from 1981 to 2005. He was elected as a director in October, 2005.

Steve W. Sanders
Outside Director

Steve W. Sanders was elected a director in July 2009. Mr. Sanders was the managing partner of the Jackson, Mississippi, office of Ernst & Young LLP. He retired after over thirty years with the firm serving both public and private assurance clients. Sanders currently serves as a lecturer at the Adkerson School of Accounting, Mississippi State University, teaching accounting and auditing courses. Sanders is a director of Valley Services, Inc., a privately-held food services company. He is a certified public accountant and holds an undergraduate degree in accounting and an MBA from Mississippi State University.

Letitia C. Hughes
Outside Director

Letitia C. Hughes has served as a director of the company since 2001. From 1974 until her retirement in 2014 Ms. Hughes was associated with Trustmark National Bank, Jackson, Mississippi, in managerial positions. At her retirement she was serving as Senior Vice-President, Manager, Private Banking. Ms. Hughes is an independent director.

James E. Poole
Outside Director

James E. Poole was elected a director in October 2004. A member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Mr. Poole is a founding partner of Grantham Poole CPA firm in Jackson, MS. He has owned businesses in real estate development and mortgage banking, as well as oil and gas exploration.

Jeff Hardin

Vice President, Sales

Bob Scott

Vice President, Operations

Tim Thompson

Vice President, Operations

Matthew Arrowsmith

Vice President, Egg Sales

Joe M. Wyatt

Vice President, Feed Mill Division

Jim Hull

Vice President, Egg Products

Rob Holladay

Vice President, General Counsel

Marc Ashby

Vice President, Operations

Todd Walters

Vice President, Operations

Mike Castleberry

Vice President, Controller

Christopher Myers

Vice President, Operations

Wil Webb

Vice President, Operations

Kevin Lastowski

Vice President, Operations

Michael Ermon

Vice President, Operations